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Android Activity – 2

From the previous tutorial, our Activity is ready for implementing our defined functionalities. Every View that we define inside the layout file will be referred here to perform the required feature with it. Well as there are XML tags present inside the layout, so every XML tag is nothing but a JAVA class of android. It is easy to declare the object for that class and can manage the operations on it.

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Android Activity – 1

The primary and important term in android development is ‘Activity’. Android Layout will be backed by Android Activity. Activity is nothing but a JAVA class file which helps in supporting the screen layout in performing all actions. Basically, its all about showcasing inbuilt features of android. Hence, Activity class helps in inheriting the features of android and helps in defining the actions of the layout.

As we created the login screen in the previous tutorial, we shall define the supporting activity class file. All the Activity class files will be under ‘java’ folder inside that projects respective package. To create a new one, right click on the ‘java’ folder..

java -> New -> Java Class

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