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Android Studio 2.0

Amazing build from Android. Thanks a ton for the 2.0, its very fast comparatively from previous build. Lot more features are added up into android studio this time. It has fast build mode and emulator runs so fast.




It helps developers to be super fast in their development process. Earlier, emulator used to be so slow and it was like sloths when they start. But now, we have  a very active and faster emulator.

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Instant Run – Android

Here is all about “Instant Run”. The most requested feature from android developers is to improve the performance of deploying and running android apps from android studio to phones/ emulators. Finally, Google released a new feature which would almost increases this process 50 times faster than it was and named it “Instant Run”.

Though it has few limitations and known issues, it allows you to make changes in your code and see them running on the emulator or device much more quickly. Google released this feature in Android Studio 2.0 preview release. Start downloading and installing Android Studio 2.0 from Canary Channel.

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