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Designing layouts – 3

We can use Linear and Relative Layouts for defining few set of views under it. When it comes to show many number of views inside the layout, the layout should have scrolling capability to show all the views. ScrollView is such type of layout that helps in defining such functionality. Unlike other layouts, ScrollView helps user to scroll across all the views present inside it.

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Designing layouts – 2

Well as in the previous tutorial, LinearLayout helps in designing our Login screen. Here we shall use RelativeLayout for the same. Unlike LinearLayout, RelativeLayout is not bound by the orientation, rather it manages views under it relatively. It means, the views are arranged relative to each other in the direction they are placed. The attribute orientation does not work with RelativeLayout.

We shall use the same set of Views to define our layout:

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Designing layouts – 1

Well its cool that every awesome user interface design of mobile app is made using XML. In android, a good layout design is all about arranging XML tags meaningfully. The more meaningfully placed, the more beautiful the layout design will be. In our daily routine of app usage, we come across many number of app screens. Every screen is nothing but an XML file containing XML tags. Hence, here we shall learn about designing layouts meaningfully.

Every layout is nothing but a single or multiple XML files

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